Oktoberfest Starts in September!

“When does Oktoberfest start?” sounds like a stupid question. It’s kind of like “John, what’s your name?”

But guess what? The world’s biggest big beer festival starts in September!

Oktoberfest starts the first Saturday after the 15th of September. This is to take advantage of better weather, as October can get downright chilly in Munich. Even with this “early” start, locals will tell you that they have nevertheless seen light snowfall during the fest!

Today is the opening day of Oktoberfest 2010. It is a beautiful fall day, the autumn sun is shining and the sky is blue with wispy white clouds. It is a respectable 13° C (55°F) and the city is full of folk on their way to the volksfest, all decked out in dirndls and lederhosen!

Oktoberfest ends the first week of October and lasts between 15 and 18 days. The longer runs stretch to accommodate German re-unification day on October 3rd, which is a national holiday.

Here are the dates for Munich’s Oktoberfest until the year 2015:

2010 18 September 4 October
2011 17 September 3 October
2012 22 September 7 October
2013 21 September 6 October
2014 20 September 5 October
2015 19 September 4 October

If you’re here already, then Prost! If not, then see you next year!

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  3. Lee Marshall says:

    We are going to 2013 Oktoberfest with a group, how do you reserve a table in one of the tents if your booking up yourself. Hotel, flight etc. does this have to be done via a website or a tour operator?
    Do you know of any 3 star hotels close to the festival which could take a group booking of around 10 to 15.

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